Let's get personal. Life coaching that's all about you.

My Life Coaching sessions are the ultimate way to get you feeling great again. You'll have direct, confidential access to all of my great ideas, experiences, activities and knowledge, all aimed at helping you regain control of your life. I am a fully qualified life coach and together we can achieve what diets can't.
I'll understand you as a person. Together, we'll get you on the right track, not only achieving your weight-loss goals but your life goals too! 
So what can you expect to achieve from my one-to-one coaching? I'm glad you asked:
  • Greater self-awareness
  • New ways to respond to situations and people
  • More awareness of your strengths & abilities
  • More productive relationships
  • Clarity about goals & how to achieve them.
Linda Naylor - Online Life Coach Profile Pic
My coaching sessions last one hour and are held over the phone or by Skype. And of course, all calls are completely confidential. I'll delve into what you really want from life. I'll clarify the perception you have of yourself and the world around them. Challenge your beliefs. Help you set goals and hold you accountable for achieving your goals, whether they be related to your weight or anything else in life!
Get in touch today to find out how my coaching can help you!