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'Linda has been a tremendous help during a period of change in my life.  She has helped steer me through a move from running my own business back into full time work.  We have talked a lot about confidence, work-life balance and systems to manage conflicting demands of work and family.  Linda has lots of good ideas and resource suggestions to use in order to make your plans happen.  She is a warm and supportive person and you really do feel like you have your own "personal cheerleader" routing for you!'

Lucy C

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I hadn’t previously used a life coach and was unsure as to the benefit it would be to me but the benefits were quickly realised. Linda helped me through a period of significant change in my life but not only that she also helped me to build skills that I could use to help me for the future. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Linda again and not just for times of change and uncertainty but also when I feel I’m not progressing in the ways I want to, I never realised what an impact life coaching would have on me. Linda is an excellent coach and I would highly recommend her!

J Canham

Feeling at a crossroads in life I sought out a life coach and happily, chose well.
Linda asked questions and made observations that friends, however close, would not have felt able to do.
She was very open in sharing her life experiences which made me more comfortable in revealing my concerns and anxieties. A bonus was an ability to laugh easily together, both at ourselves and life.
The process put life back into perspective and reassured me regarding the decisions I was making.

Barbara L

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